Sunday 30th September

Having completed the 300 miles yesterday I wanted to get out on the bike for the final day and added another 14 miles to the total.

To date my total raised is an amazing £710 + £150 Gift Aid. I'm overwhelmed by the amount of support I have had along the way so a big thank you to all who have supported and followed me on this challenge.

Saturday 29th September

With 26 miles needed to complete the 300 target I took another ride out to Sheerness to achive the target with a day to spare.

Wednesday 26th September

Having worked Saturday I took the oportunity of a half day at work to get out on the bike in the afternoon. The weather was glorious and the complete opposite to the torrential rain of my ride on Sunday.

A ride through the country park clocked up a total of 13 miles for the day.

Sunday 23th September

Unfortunately I had to work on Saturday so no miles were completed other than the 2 miles to and from the station. I'd therefore been hoping to make up some miles today but the weather was horrendous with heavy rain and strong winds.

I managed an hours ride in the bad conditions and clocked up just under 12 miles. I was soaked through and couldn't feel my fingers by the end.

Sunday 16th September

Today I struggled a bit but managed to pull my longest ride to date out of my legs in order to break the 200 mile marker.

Again it was back to Sheppey for 27.8 miles.

Saturday 15th September

This morning the weather was fine and sunny and ideal for my ride. As the route to Sheerness is the most efficient to clock up the miles I took another ride to the coast.

Sunday 9th September

This morning I headed somewhere new and took a ride out to Capstone Farm Country Park. The park had a few mountain bike routes so I opted for the longest route and covered a few miles around the park itself. While this was enjoyable it wasn't the best use of my time as it was hard going and slow.

On the return leg I headed for The Strand and then back through Riverside Country Park.

Saturday 8th September

This morning I took another ride out to Sheerness covering 26 miles on my round trip. The weather wasn't as sunny as last weekend but it was still a pleasant ride to the coast and a nice feeling breaking through the 100 mile mark.

Wednesday 5th September

Having covered a lot of miles in my first weekend I only managed 8 miles across Monday and Tuesday with commutes to and from the station for work.

Unfortunately today's weather wasn't on my side as I was hoping for a nice day to take advantage of a day off work to clock up some more miles. In the wet conditions I managed just over 10 miles to bring my total to 66.75. I'm still above the daily average so I'm not too worried about not being able to achieve a greater distance today.

Sunday 2nd September

Another long ride today on which I headed out to Rochester and Strood. On the return leg I detoured onto St Mary's Island in Gillingham to add a couple of extra miles before making my way back home through River Side Country Park. As I neared home I took a detour along Station Road to increase the ride total to 21.5 miles.

I am pleased with my first weekend total of 47.33 miles which will allow me to have a couple of quieter days to start the week.

Saturday 1st September

So today I kicked off my challenge with a trip to the sea side. Riding out to The Isle of Sheppey I headed to Sheerness with a loop back via Minster. Once off the island I headed through Iwade on the homeward leg.

The total distance covered was 25.7 miles in just over 2 hours.

Friday 31st August

Tomorrow I will get on the saddle for the 1st of September and my 300 mile challenge. I've covered about half that distance during August and have been building up my ride distances in preparation.

My longest rides to date have been a 21 mile round trip to The Isle of Sheppey, 20 miles to Upnor Castle and back, and an 18 mile round trip to Rochester. I will be aiming to complete similar routes each weekend in order to 'bank' as many miles as possible while I have more time available.

All my September rides will be detailed here along with my running total.

Thank you all for you support and generosity so far.

Thursday 30th August


Today my sponsorship broke through the £500 barrier so thank you to all those who have donated so far.

Just over £500 buys a pH meter to create the ideal environment for sensitive experiments which could hold clues to finding new ways to beat cancer, sooner.

Acidic conditions could ruin experiments, meaning all that hard work then goes to waste. Happy cells mean happy scientists and such a simple indicator is essential for the success of important cancer research experiments.

Thank you all for your amazing generosity.

Tuesday 14th August


Today my sponsorship broke through the £400 barrier so thank you to all those who have donated so far.

Just over £400 buys one next generation DNA sequencing experiment, to read part of the genetic blueprint of a cellís DNA! Codes in DNA contain clues about cancers weak spots, which could hold the key to designing more effective drugs.

This research tool is at the forefront of revolutionary science and life-saving discoveries, and is helping is to beat cancer sooner.

Thank you all for your amazing generosity.

Thursday 2nd August


Today my sponsorship broke through the £300 barrier so thank you to all those who have donated so far.

£300 helps fund almost a week of a study to investigate the molecules that cause a type of tumour in children.

Thank you all for your amazing generosity.

Tuesday 31st July


Today my sponsorship broke through the £200 barrier so thank you to all those who have donated so far.

£200 enables two women to take part in a clinical trial to improve survival for post-menopausal women with early-stage breast cancer. One day we will beat cancer and youíre helping us make it sooner.

Thank you once again.